April 1st 2015 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Outdoor x4 – Featuring Zealot – April 2015



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September 28th 2014 - Written by: Osprey Packs

GramsLightBikes.com – Featuring SS15 Syncro, Zealot, Escapist Series, Moki and Hydrojet – September 28, 2014

Osprey Packs made some changes to their popular Syncro, Zealot and Escapist packs for Spring 2015, and added some new kids hydration packs…

The Zealot is only offered in a 15 liter size this year, and it has new colors with more subdued graphics. It was redesigned with a slimmer profile to keep it closer to the body and away from the arms, to help it function better during extreme trail riding. It comes with their 3-liter Hydraulics reservoir, has dual mesh side pockets, their LidLock helmet attachment, and a padded front sleeve to carry a full faced helmet…

The Syncro now comes in 3, 10 and 15 liter models, and they’re more streamlined and lighter packs then their predecessors. The super light and minimalistic 3 liter versions will be a great pack for those quick rides and races, where only a small amount of gear is needed…

Osprey made some minor changes in their bikepacking Escapist Series of packs. They now have three sizes, with capacities of 18, 25 and 32 liters,…and will come in Sin Black, Indigo Blue, Cayenne Red colors. They have a large main compartment to make it easy to carry and organize gear…

New for this year are two kid specific hydration packs, the Moki and the Hydrojet 15. The packs come with their 1.5 liter Hydraulics LT reservoir, and they’re cut for a younger riders anatomy and torso size…

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September 22nd 2014 - Written by: Osprey Packs

SingleTrackWorld.com – Featuring SS15 Zealot, Syncro, Escapist and Moki – September 22, 2014

For 2015, Osprey has made a number of changes to several of their well-regarded (and often Singletrack Recommended) hydration packs…

Their first rad-specific pack, the Zealot is updated for 2015 with toned-down graphics (no more exploded frame drawing), a tidied exterior, and improved tool roll…

A revised Syncro range will make the short ride crowd happy, shedding roughly 1/3 of previous models’ weight.  Now-ambidextrous hosing could help to bring the 27% of Singletrackworld readers who prefer left-shoulder drinking into the fold…

Popular both for hut-to-hut trips and for commuting, Osprey’s Escapist has also been updated.  Again sleeker than its predecessors, the 18L, 25L, and massive 32L packs had us plotting our next adventure right there on the show floor…

And finally, one for the young-uns.  The new Osprey Moki is a full-featured pack built especially for kids.  Allowing the offspring to carry their own food, drink, and accessories is never a bad idea…

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September 18th 2014 - Written by: Osprey Packs

BikeBiz.com – Featuring SS15 Hydrojet, Moki, Syncro, Zealot and Escapist Series – September 18, 2014

Osprey has added two childrens packs to its catalogue to ensure kids can take on the fluids required during long days in the saddle.

The Hydrojet and Moki packs both house a 1.5 litre bladder and though minimised, carry many of the features you’ll find on adult packs.

Interbike also saw the introduction of a much redesigned Syncro Series, now available with 3, 10 and 15 litre capacities and either 1.5 or 2.5 litre bladders.

The Zealot is offered in a singular 15L size this year – compared to the 10L and 16L sizes last year – after finding it to be the optimal in-between size for all-mountain riders…

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September 16th 2014 - Written by: Osprey Packs

TetonGravity.com – Featuring Zealot – September 16, 2014

TGR Contributor Kristen Gross and TGR’s own Jon Grinney plied the tradeshow floors between the carpeted walls, slot machines, and suspect plastic surgery of Las Vegas’ Interbike 2014, pacing miles on velvet from booth to booth, hunting down the latest and greatest in mountain bike gadgetry and even entire mountain bikes!

Kristen winnowed down the tradeshow offering to the most thrilling for next spring, and today’s Best Of gallery features offerings from Rocky Mountain (whose sister rig we tested this summer), Giant, POC, Smith, Giro, Osprey, and Sony, and cajoled Jon into whipping the camera out at every juncture…

Orange is the new black (but you can still get it in black) for this adventure pack aimed at the trail-riding crowd. Available in January 2015, what we loved most about the Zealot is the roll-out tool wallet. So whether you’re out for the day or just a couple hours, you can keep your trail tools organized and ready to go — grab the whole bag, or just slip the detachable pouch in your jersey pocket.

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September 14th 2013 - Written by: Osprey Packs

VitalMTB.com – Featuring Zealot – September 2013

While not entirely new for 2014, we thought you guys would appreciate this pack. The Zealot has a padded compression pocket for lugging your pads or jacket to the top, as well as straps to carry a full face and a clever Lid Lock feature to attach a half shell if you’re doing the enduro thing. Rear entry access allows you to keep your helmet attached but still get into it quickly. Another rad feature is the Air Scrape back panel, which is essentially air flow channels to keep you cool. The bag is offered in two models – the main difference being the inclusion of hip pockets. Get it in blue or black.

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May 15th 2013 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Bike – Featuring Zealot – May 2013

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November 20th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Bike – Featuring Zealot – December 2012

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September 19th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Dirt Rag – Featuring Zealot 16 – October 2012

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August 19th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Vermont Sports – Featuring Zealot – August 2012

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August 1st 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

Tail Winds – Featuring Syncro and Zealot – July/August 2012

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May 16th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

SkiNet.com – Featuring Zealot – May 16, 2012

Our office is full of mountain bike enthusiasts who are all too happy to watch the last patches of snow melt off the trails. Right about now, they’re as giddy as we see them all year, thanks in large part to the weekly staff rides that started up a few weeks ago. We asked the staff-ride ringleader, fat-tire fanatic Tony Wilhelms what tools he carries to keep himself out of a pickle. Here they are. Don’t leave the trailhead without them:

Hydration Equipped Backpack: Osprey Zealot

When you’re two-wheeling downhill over rocks and ruts, a pack that bounces around or throws off your balance can be a crash waiting to happen. Osprey’s Zealot is designed specifically for mountain bikers; it has a slim design that keeps it centered and close to your body. As you’d expect, it includes a hydration reservoir and has separate sleeve with a drainage spout in case the bladder gets punctured or springs a leak. Pockets galore, sure, but it’s the placement not the quantity that won Tony over. A small pouch on the shoulder strap, for example, is a good place for him to stash and easily reach his energy snacks without missing a pedal stroke. And the piece de resistance? A magnetic interface between the drinking tube and the shoulder strap that keeps the tube from flapping in your face or out of reach. Conclusion: The Osprey design team spends plenty of time on the single track and knows what riders want.

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February 19th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

BikeRumor.com – Featuring Escapist Series – February 19, 2012

We saw the new Osprey Zealot and Syncro cycling packs at Interbike, both of which have a few bike-friendly features and are worth checking out. The new Escapist joins the 2012 lineup as the all-day pack with massive volume.

It shares the helmet attachment and short/tall size options and gets internal organizer pockets for bike specific tools and a blinky attachment loop with reflective strips all around. Straps are a breathable stretch mesh with wrap around waist belt with side pockets on the larger Escapist 30 (above, left). The main compartment has a large opening for cramming things in and a small slash/stash pocket on the top. The reservoir, which features their solid frame around it to keep the shape and help support the pack, uses a separate top loading insert slot. Various adjustment and compression straps help keep everything where it should be, and a ventilated back panel should help keep you cool and dry. And an integrated rain cover helps keep the pack dry. Two sizes, a 20 and 30 are available, both in the gray and blue colors shown.

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January 28th 2012 - Written by: Osprey Packs

UtahOutside.com – Featuring Zealot, Syncro and Escapist – January 28, 2012

Osprey has long been known in the outdoor industry as one of the premiere backpack manufacturers in the world. But at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, they revealed that they’re now about more than just outdoor recreation, unveiling a new line of travel bags, luggage, totes and child carriers. However, packs are their mainstay, and new bags for biking and hiking were also showed off on the convention center floor.

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October 22nd 2011 - Written by: Osprey Packs

BikeWorldNews.com – Featuring Syncro Series and Zealot Series – September 15th, 2011

Osprey Packs, Inc. is expanding their successful line of cycling packs for Spring 2012 with the addition of two new series: Zealot and Syncro.

Cycling/Hiking: Combining advanced materials and their AirspeedTM suspension, the Syncro is streamlined hydration packs designed for cyclists and hikers who value lightweight and ventilation.

Hydration Specific/All Mountain: Mountain bikers who love the descent need a hydration pack that can hold all their gear. The Zealot series carries armor, tools and full-face helmets securely and comfortably.

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